I'm based in Nottingham, really close to Sherwood Forest. Some of the local woods outside our back door were once a part of the old royal hunting forest when it covered a much bigger area than it does today. 

As a kid we went on school trips into the forest, went camping with the cubs and scouts nearby and spent a lot of time learning about the adventures of Robin Hood!

Now, I spend a lot of time out and about thanks to my rescue greyhounds but also because I love the great outdoors.  That's where the slingshots come in, they are great fun, nostalgic and are also a great excuse to get outdoors.   

People often say ' but what would I do with a slingshot?!'  The answer is to stick one in your pocket and head out, fire across a pond, hit that tin sign or see who can shoot the furthest. whatever you do you're in the great outdoors and what's better than that?!


My earliest memory of slingshots is from cub scout camp.

Spending a boiling hot day, finding the perfect forked branch, refining it and attaching the elastic. Then winning the evening shootout to scoop the top prize of a pair of woolly socks!


From near constant dog walking and outdoor holidays to BBQs in the back garden as soon as the dial gets above 10 degrees, outdoors is the place to be. 

Slingshots are a big part of that - get out and find wood,  make a slingshot,  get back out and shoot it!

vintage & Design

I love vintage and design and used to deal in vintage with a slant on Cabin Style & Americana.

Vintage cars are an obsession, currently a scruffy and carefree 1977 Land Rover Series. 

Best thing about it ? the air conditioning! 

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