Foraged wood

First things first, find the wood needed to make slingshots! Its all from Sherwood Forest and the surrounding woodlands, all from fallen branches or fallen trees.

stripped & Notched

Bark is stripped (or left as is for a Wilder).

The elastic slots are notched out and the handle is recessed ready for twining.

hemp twined

The handles are hemp twined for comfort, durability and aesthetic. Slingshots are twined in Natural Hemp, Beanshooters use black dyed hemp.


Once they are twined, each slingshot is clear coated to seal the twine, provide extra durability and give an overall tough finish.


TheraBand Elastic tubing is cut to length, microfibre pouches are cut using a die and hammer and then the whole lot is tied to the frame to make hte finished slingshot!


Each slingshot is tagged telling its new owner where the wood was foraged from.

Packaging is recycled or recyclable. 

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